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Delta Airlines Charging for 2nd checked bag on International Flights
Hi EveryoneIf you are planning an international trip on Delta be advised that they have quietly introduced a $ 50.00 charge for a 2nd checked bag for all passengers traveling in coach class.  Below is the information taken from their website :Checked Baggage—International Currently...
Continental Airlines to Join Star Alliance Carriers
Continental Airlines recently received tentative approval from the DOT to switch to the Star Alliance team of airlines.  This means they would be leaving the SkyTeam Alliance of Delta, Northwest, Air France etc.  If you have any miles on Continental that you want to use...
Travel with Ammunition and Firearms on South African Airways
Below is a copy of the full text regarding the carriage of ammunition and firearms on South African Airways. I hope this will ease the confustion that seems to be out there.Steve Turner CARRIAGE OF FIREARMS ON SOUTH AFRICAN AIRWAYS Domestic (within and from the Republic of South...
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