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Hunting Mr spots
panthera pardus           av 60kg         shoulder  80cm
sci  minimum                14inc
rowland minimum        15 3/8inc        width  and length of skull

A.270 - 375
B. all cats are sensitive to hydrostatic shock, need high velocity bullets
c. softs
d.good telescope

a.avoid shooting cat when lying down and eating
b. heart lies further back. more or less same as deer. slightly back from shoulder
c.aim at chest area on charging cat, if possible
d.never apr dead animal from the front
e.after shot give it some time
f.keep your mind focused on  your shot placement and not on thinking if you will miss

a.look at thick neck,shoulders,size of head,males tails are thicker than females,and if its got nuts
b.3 1/2 inc plus track is good
c.7feet plus good
d.mature at 3 years
e.140 pound plus in weight is a good cat
f.right down date ,area and size of tracks to identity  individuals and tracking cycle
g. look for tracks at rivers,roads,crossings,dams

a.blind should be within 60 meters of bait down wind
b.hang bait so that cats face is facing oposit side of branch when feeding
c.leopard are opertunists so they will take anything from baboon to buffalo, that all depends on the area that you are hunting
d.use the sun at your advantage
e ,bait tree should be surrounded with cover for the cat ,makes him feel comfortable
f. drag guts 200 m in both directions from tree and fill tree with guts and blood,RE not to much
g.use strong wire or cable to secure bait/ dont hang around bait fr too long, leaves your scent all over
h.please do not smoke in or within 5 km of bait. always check all your baits even leest expected baits
i. take your time when choosing a tree and think carefully, they are very smart animals

these are just a few tips to give you a better understanding when hunting mr spots
happy hunting
graham cawood

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