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Tips on crocodile hunting
crocodylus niloticus                 300- 1000kg
                                                     10ft- 20feet

minimum sci             9ft
minimum rowland  14ft
a. shoot just above smile in the horn ,for brain shot
b.. spine shot  3inc past the end of the smile
c.take your time as your target is the size of a golf ball

A. anything from 270 to a 375
b. softs or solids ,i prefure solids on crocs.

a.look for basking places for setting up baits
b.always anchor your baits to a tree or a dropper
c.hippo best bait, some people say baboons
d.crocs love fresh bait
e.use the sun at your advantage
f.carefull of those birds/they alarm the crocs crocs dont pick up scent in the water ,its above the water
A. length between eyes and nostril in inces ,convert to ft
eg. 14inc  = 14feet this just gives you an idea of the length
b. put sticks 1m apart around your bait ,gives you something to compare length
c.anthing over 12feet in length is a good trophy

never turn your back on the water
happy hunting
graham cawood

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