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Guest Profile - Fred Price Sr.



Guest Profile - Fred Price Sr.,

Most popular guy on HN (over 1,000 friends) and Two time World Moose calling






HuntersNetworks Username: Moosecaller

About Me: I’m a retired Set-up man from Dana Inc. Thorold, Ontario, Canada. I love to hunt & call Moose/Deer & do some fishing for Walleye & Pike. I have a loving wife & three great kids, 2 girls & a boy (all grown up now).

Member of: Triple X Hunting Club…Niagara Peninsula (1986-present)
                     Elected President 2008-2010
                     Ontario Federation of Anglers & Hunters (1986-present)
                     Hunters Networks (2008-present)
                     The Sporting Clubs of Niagara
My most favourite animal to hunt: is the Matriarch of the north, The Majestic Moose.
My favourite gun: to use is the trusty 30-06 that I won Moose Calling.
One of my best trophies: was an eight point buck I shot when I first started Deer hunting back in the early Eighties.
Four time Ontario Champion Deer Caller- 1994, 1995, 2001, & 2002
Two time World Champion Moose Caller- 1993 & 1994
Also won several other Moose Calling Competitions in Ontario, Canada…17 to be exact, too many to mention.
I first started hunting when I was 16 years old. My Dad bought me my first gun for $20.00, (a lot of money back then), an ole J.C. Higgins.
I remember going out hunting with it for the first time, it was a cold January morning & I started out from home. The Beagle was chomping at the bit to go with me, but I decided to leave her at home. Half way across the field Mom decided to let the Beagle go & she ran right up to me with those big brown eyes, & looked at me as if to say well lets go get a rabbit. Well we walked all over the place & couldn’t find hide  nor hair of any thing. By then we were both pretty tired we decided to head home, figuring the rabbits must be holed up for the day being how it was so cold. Just then, half way across this ploughed field a big jack-rabbit got up right in front me, & took off running like crazy. As he got out about 30 yards I pulled up the ole shot-gun & smacked him right in the back of the head.
You should have seen him roll; he did three or four cart-wheels, & lay flat out on the ground. Just then the little Beagle got his scent & started howling like crazy & running, ran smack dab right into the rabbit’s rear end. The rabbit was as big as she was. She was stunned; I don’t think she ever caught up to one so fast. After attaching it to my belt we started for home with ears dragging the ground I was one proud hunter bringing supper home.
One thing that bugs me the most & I take a lot of ribbing for, is here I am a Two time World Champion Moose Caller, what have I got to show for it besides a bunch of trophies. Nothing, mind you I’ve been on several hunts where as other guys have taken the nice racks, but all I seem to get is the Bullwinkle’s, as I call them, cows & calves, mind you they’re better eating anyway, but it sure would be nice to have a nice trophy rack one day.  I consider myself a Calf-Moose Lollipop, I believe I’ve seen & taken more calves then anyone I know, they just come running right to me.I know of several hunters that have never even seen one. I think this is a nice problem to have, so I will suffer with it.

I have done several Moose Seminars & Moose Calling Events and like to teach the older & younger generation the proper ethics of Moose & Deer Hunting & Calling. Its great watching the younger ones pick up your traits & to know the older ones are learning as well.
To the younger people out there, get your education first, but if the opportunity knocks to go hunting or fishing, don’t hesitate, do it.
Take the proper courses to get your licenses & today take a G.P.S. Course as well. All these things will help you in the future in the great Outdoors. Protect our Heritage become a hunter & fisherman.

A memorable Hunt!

Moose Hunt at Bob Ford’s Camp     2004
One of the most enjoyable Moose Hunt’s I was every on! To me, the two things that contributed to making this hunt successful were:
Jeremy Mous, first off I would like to thank him for coming up here on his summer vacation and scouting out the West Bay for me, for fresh Moose signs. Secondly, I would like to thank Tony Mous AND Harvey Carpenter for driving these Moose out of the bush towards me.
When they came out about 5 o’clock to pick me up after a long day hunting in the bush for Moose, I heard Wolves howling, So I thought they drove the Moose to me, not the boy’s. I heard the Wolves then I heard the splashing of the Moose in the water. First the cow came out, then the calf, then the bull. We only had Calf tags, so I looked at the Calf and said, you’re the Puppy I want.
With open sights, I zeroed in on the Calf with my 32 special. I fired at it from about 200 yards away. The first shot I missed. I fired a second shot, and it hit home as the calf stood up on its hind legs and did 180 degree turn and fell to the ground.
I was so excited, that I radioed my two buddies, Doug and Don to come and give me a hand and if they wanted to see a Cow Moose while she was still hear. After all the hand shakes, they went back to gather up all their gear and bring a camera and help cut up the meat.
When Harvey and Tony got to us, they passed the Bull and Cow not to far from where we were. We quartered the Calf up and carried it out to the boat.On the way out, I said to the guys, that I was just as proud getting this little guy as I have been with the other Moose I have shot in my days hunting.
I think it was due to the fact I made the 200 yard shot with my Dad’s old 32 Special Rifle.
P.S. The guy back at camp making supper didn’t even believe us that we got a Moose, till he seen it in the boat.
Guys: Thanx for the Memories
Fred Price
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