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Professional Videographer - Kerry Wallace, South Africa

Professional Videographer - Kerry Wallace, South Africa


HuntersNetworks Username: KerryWallace9
Age: 27
Status: Unmarried
Live in: Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa
Occupation: Professional Videographer and editor, specializing in Personalised Safari Videos (hunting, fishing and photographic) and Safari Operator Promotions.
Interests/Hobbies: Oil painting, adventure sports and bonsai.
Member of: Dallas Safari Club, PHASA associate member.
Favorite animal to photograph: Leopard
Camera equipment you use: HDV video cameras from canon and sony (e.g. canon XH-A1, sony HDR FX-1000)
My own hunting trophies: Impala and two spring hairs (ha ha).
Something about me that most people do not know: I have two degrees (in psychology), a diploma (in personal training) and a postgraduate diploma (in enterprise management).
Website URL:


My Most Memorable Hunt


Since I am more often behind the camera, I will describe a hunt that I have filmed that was most memorable (my impala hunt was a close second though).
I was filming a buffalo hunt in Botswana and we had been in amongst buffalo herds for five days without any success at finding exactly what the client wanted. During our long hours of tracking in the baking sun and tiring soft Botswana sand, we bumped into herds of elephant cows and six too many black mambas! To keep our energy levels up, we often ate the small fruits from the raisin bush which, to my delight, we came across quite regularly.

On the fifth day, we had spotted dust in the distance from a large herd moving to and beyond a watering hole. There was thick mopane all around the watering hole so we did not get to see the individual animals so much as the odd black shape and dust clouds and the unmistakable smell of buffalo dung, urine and sweat.

We made our way through the mopane towards the herd. Before we knew it we had buffalo grunting and snapping branches all around us. At one point we heard two young bulls running straight at us and, as I tried desperately to film, there was a mad scramble for cover behind some rather unsubstantial mopane trees. I was feeling exhilarated with the mixture of nerves, anticipation and adrenaline. While we waited in the shade of the mopane trees, we became surrounded by hundreds of buffalo.

With each passing second, they came closer – totally oblivious to our presence. I was filming over the client’s shoulder and had in my viewfinder, an awesome shot of the scope, with buffalo cows plodding along, heads swaying, at all angles in front of it. They were now 15 yards away from us and it was going to be a matter of moments before we were discovered. The PH saw a big bull just in time and ordered for the client to shoot. There was a mad stampede of buff in all directions, but luckily none in our direction… except for the bull that had been shot. He was finished off by the client and PH as he crashed through the mopane to the side of us. It was a real rush – the way a buff hunt should be.

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