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Professional Hunter Profile - Richard Julia, Burkina Faso

Professional Hunter - Richard Julia, Burkina Faso


Name: Richard JULIA
Age: 51, born in Ivory Coast
Interests/Hobbies: Flying my own plane a Cessna 182 and hunting. I have been a PH since 1968. I started hunting with my father who was also a PH in Upper Volta in 1949. In 1984 Upper Volta became Burkina Faso. I am also the flying instructor in the Aero Club of Ouagadougou.
Favorite animal to hunt: Lion and Buffalo
Favorite calibers: 300 Weatherby , 416 Rigby and 460 Weatherby
My backup rifle: 460 Weatherby
My clients best trophies to-date: Several species of West African big game. Lion and buffalo being my favorite.
One of my most memorable hunts: My most memorable memories are of hunts with with my father. On one occassion we followed a wounded buffalo into the grass, the buffalo charged and my father and I shoot the buffalo at a distance of 1 meter. Currently hunting: Burkina Faso
00 226 70 33 03 00
Website address:

Some Recent hunts

I hunted this lion with a client last year near the Singou river. The lion was wounded and I had to shoot this lion at 5 meters.





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